About Us

quemsomosFounded in 1998 in the city of Braga, Portugal, Climainox dedicated to manifacture stainless steel furniture for Cathering Industry.

The year 2000 was a year of great investiments in many ways of manufacturing technologies, and consequently that quality was certainly improved and had a better product to offer their costumers.
It manufacturing system includes the best technologies, since the punching and cutting machine to poliestilene injection and robotics.
Aditionally it manufacturing system was around an informatic system of drawing elaboration in 2D.

In 2007 Climainox substituted it production´s mode for sofisticated and automatized punching and shearing equipment, that joined with a 3D designer team, had for goal a more detailed and series production.

In 2008, together with the new panel bending (a new machine which shapes the plates automatically) allows the quality and delivery of the products more precisely and faster.

In 2010, joined in the production 3 new robots for bending, welding and tube treatment (Cutting, cleaning and grinding).

In 2011 the production line is concluded with the innovative sink welding machine that creates high quality sinks and drainers (standard and also with customized measures).
With this it opened a new door to the customizable stamped sink+drainer with customer´s desired measures.

Leads the future...